Monthly costs

Costs for owners and residents of Euphoria Retirement Village

All residents and visitors of Euphoria have free entry to the following facilities of the estate:

• Main Clubhouse • Hapo Zamani-restaurant • A’luta Ladies Bar • Halfway-house restaurant • Golf Pro Shop • Golf practice areas

The Euphoria Golf and Lifestyle estate’s levy is R1831 per month and covers the following:

• Security • 2 membership fees of the Euphoria Golf club • Garbage removal • Landscaping and maintenance of communal areas • Administration of the Homeowners Association • Water en electricity for communal areas • Insurance of buildings and structures on communal areas • Maintenance of sidewalks, roads, edges, and other communal areas • Maintenance of the boundary fence and entrance gates • Maintenance of the sewerage plant

Every household in the Euphoria retirement village pays mandatory monthly service fees of R1850 for 2024 for 1 or 2 people per house and R850 per additional resident. This covers the following:

• Preventative healthcare • Wearable transponder and emergency response for medical emergencies • Secondary security en access control • Weekly housecleaning services • Gardening services • Use of the retirement village gymnasium and heated swimming pool

Residents of the Euphoria retirement village have further access to free entry to the following facilities of the retirement village:

• Convenience store • Laundromat • Beauty salon • Children’s play areas •Communal gardens and orchards

Residents of the Euphoria retirement village also have free entrance to the following facilities of the estate:

• Water park and play area, with super tubes and swimming pools • Cableway to the top of the mountain, where the Ntshonalanga restaurant is situated • Mountain biking trails • Hiking trails

Every household is obligated to pay for 20 lunches per month. The initial cost is R64 per meal.

Water is measured and paid monthly. Electricity is on a prepaid system.

The total monthly cost per household is thus:

R1831 estate levy + R1850 retirement village service fees = R3681.

20 Meals @ R64 = R1280

Water and electricity depend on usage.

Municipal property taxes will depend on the value of the property.