Buying and building process

It is easy to buy a property at the Euphoria retirement village. The steps are illustrated in a diagram below and can be expanded as follows:

  • Choose a stand, sign a purchase agreement, pay the purchase price to the transferring attorney, and then the stand is transferred into your name.
  • Decide on a house plan. The basic plan type (A1, B1, etc.) determines the size of the house and the number of bedrooms.
  • Choose the style of the house – traditional, modern, Avant garde or classic.
  • Choose any extras from the variety of available options. This includes parking options – garages, carports, or a combination of both, extra storage areas and/or working spaces, etc. Discuss the options with one of our agents, who will also give you a detailed breakdown of the relevant costs.
  • The plan gets submitted to the Euphoria Homeowners Association and then the Municipality for approval.
  • When the plans are approved the buyer must pay the building contract amount to the attorney.
  • The next step is the enrolment of the house with the NHBRC. When the application is submitted the builder will start with the preparation of the stand.
  • As soon as the enrolment is done, the building work can start.
  • When the building is complete the owner must inspect the house. If there are any small faults it will be rectified and then the owner must sign off the house and receive the keys.
  • The attorney makes progress payments to the builder as the work progresses, as certified by the architect. 10% retention is held back and only paid to the builder when the owner is happy and has signed off the house.